Save and Save as not working and no response to support tickets.

I'm getting an error message when trying to save or save as anything that I do and also I cant upload any images. I've sent in a support ticket last night and again this morning. Is anyone home? Whats happened with support?

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No worries, just a little PSIMD (Post Traumatic Internet Marketer's Disorder) that comes from products that suddenly go off line.  Seems like that worked and there was something funky happening with the internet last week.  All better.  Also seems like this may not be the best program for larger projects like print designs requiring high DPIs.  Support suggested, "

One factor that caused this issue is the image's file size and pixel dimensions. Please try to upload / use images that has the file size of 3MB or lesser and has the pixel dimension of 2500 pixels or lesser.

You can also try to lower the DPI of the image from 300 to 150. You can do this by changing the size/format to Custom Size from US Letter size, please don't forget to press Enter so that it will take effect. However, lowering the DPI will shrink your design to half of its original size but it is still good for printing. This way we will be able to use smaller images." 

In this case it wasn't a good option but overall good idea on smaller projects not requiring 300 dpi. 



Hi Mark,

We apologize for missing out on your question on the helpdesk. We had a system issue last week.

May I know if you are already able to use the 'Save', 'Save As' and Upload features now?
both are working fine on my end.

If not, please try logging out the app, then clear your browser cache (please make sure that you are also using Chrome) then log back in.

Feel free to let me know how it goes!

Thanks and sincerely,