How To Request A Refund

Youzign comes with a money-back guarantee 30 days trial.

If during your trial you are not satisfied with Youzign you may request a refund at any time.

To request a refund simply email us at and someone from the support team will process your request right away.

Note: once your refund is processed your Youzign account and saved designs will be deleted automatically. It is advised that you backup your designs to your desktop before contacting us.

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Today i found the automatically transaction from my credit card to youzign,

Pls cancel my account and pls refund to me that I haven't use youzign anymore.

I have sent request to but no any feedback,





Hi Ann, 

I am sorry about the inconvenience.

I will follow up your request. Thank you.

Hi Ann, 

I asked from support and said that they have already refunded you. I recommend you to check your JVzoo account in your purchases.

Thank you.

Rose j'ai déja contactez par email je veux seulement obtenir le remboursement du produit car il ne me conviens pas !


Désolé pour le désagrément ici . Nous allons certainement traiter votre remboursement . S'il vous plaît attendre et un de notre équipe prendra contact avec vous bientôt. Nous avons une file d'attente des courriels après le lancement , mais nous allons certainement assister à chaque demande . Merci beaucoup

Bonjour, je viens de demander un remboursement parcontre je ne trouve pas mon id ou et -il affiché merci 

Salut Jerome! Merci de nous faire connaître votre préoccupation. S'il vous plaît écrivez-nous à afin que nous puissions l'examiner pour vous. Merci!

I want a refund too. Either way I need to cancel my subscription ASAP!!!

Email: [email hidden]

Hi ,

Like mentioned above, please send us a private ticket to so we can process your refund ASAP. Thank you!


No Reply to my refund request..! Check to it..once.! 

Hi Rosy,

Do apologize us for the inconvenience here. Can you send your email address to me so I can a follow up to the refund request you sent. Thank you!



I have sent email to for refund request yesterday, but still no answer? Please check my email.



Hi Adi, 

I will follow up your request, sorry about the delays. Thank you.

Hi Adi, 

Our support member has responded already on your refund request, please check on your end when you get a chance. Thanks.


I need to cancel this account and take advantage of the 30 days refund policy.  Although I like many of the features it just does not run well with the Windows versions I have on my computers.  


Hi Bobby, 

Apologies for the delay on this response. The windows version would not work properly on 32 bit OS, may I know if you're using 32 or 64 bit? You may try our web app too at

For refunds, could you please send us a ticket or request to
Please also include the youzign email and payment/transaction ID of the purchase. 

Thank you!

I wound up being totally confused by the V1/V2 thing, then at the last minute today rushed in and bought V2 but I am already a V1 customer :( Any chance for a refund, or maybe apply to an upgrade to ...something? Sorry to be so confused :(

Hi Simon, 

Yes, you may ask for a refund or perhaps apply it instead on an upgrade. Please write us at with your Youzign email and purchase ID/details. This way we can handle your purchase info privately. Thank you.

Support email doesn't work!

Refund Please - I need 32 Bit version

[transaction details hidden]

i want to refund too 

please reply me on email: [email hidden for security reasons

Hi Sujat Pornmanas,

No worries. Your refund request has already been assigned to one of our support staff and should be processed shortly.