What happened to background removal tool for images

It seems that the "edit image" button has been replaced with an "erase background" button (that does nothing when clicked on). I no longer see anyplace where I can start adding the red and green dots to remove image backgrounds. Did something get changed?

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Yes, please add the Background Removal feature.

Meanwhile, if anyone needs a quick way, I do it with PowerPoint - just make sure to change the image download output size.

Hi E.G., 

Yes we already have a background removal feature. You can use it by clicking an image and on the right option box, clicking this button: 


Thank you.

because the erase too?l does not handle larger images - can yousign integrate with https://tinypng.com/developers

Hi Rob, 

Thanks for the suggestion. We will still look into it. Tinypng offers free integration if we compress 500 images per month, but will make charges if we compress more. I think we would reach thousands of image compressing per month if we allow it based on our current users. We'll also look for other image compressors too. I will present this to the team. Thanks again.

This is the first time in months I logged in to use the background eraser & of course it doesn't work. I see where support was asking for the adobe flash player version but Chrome is getting away from the antiquated program from this statement.....

During his time at Apple, Steve Jobs was a strong opponent of Adobe’s Flash Player, however, this application is still here, years after the former Apple CEO passed away.

However, were he alive, he would be rejoicing at the rate at which major companies in the internet space are ditching Adobe Flash Player in favor of the faster and more reliable HTML5. The latest high-profile company to make its intentions clear is Google.

It has already done this with YouTube, the leading video sharing platform in the world. However, the search engine giant is not yet done. According to the latest reports, Google Chrome will soon get rid of any use of Adobe Flash Player, but this will not be happening all at once. Google will start the change as from next month where about 90% of the entire Flash content will be blocked.


Hi Dan, 

Thank you for sharing this info, I will present it to the team. May I know the browser you are using for Youzign? Also, please try compressing the file size of your image using tinypng.com . This might help in loading the image to the background removal tool. Thank you.

Hi John,

500x500 works but please note that the image is extremely pixelated and blurry.  It's not really a feasible image size to work with for graphics.

Hi Brian, 

Got it. This may sound like my previous comments, but I'd like you to size down your image a bit more, maybe 2.5 - 2.0MB. Also I'd like to know the pixel size of the image and it would be great if you can attach it on this thread so I can try to compress it and see what size will work best for the Background Eraser.

Thank you.

Hi John,

Unfortunately, the file I was speaking about earlier was only 2.88 MB so definitely smaller than the 3MB max you've indicated.  I think something may be broken in the interface between the third party and Youzign.  In the mean time, I've gone back to Macromedia Fireworks.

Hi Brian, 

Ok got it. Can you try using the Background Eraser on small images? (500x500px or less) 

Hi John,

Here's the thing: the photo size I'm using hasn't been an issue until now and I've had the program pretty much since you first launched it.  In fact, the first time the newly renamed "erase background" tool didn't work for me was two weeks ago as I mentioned in my earlier post.  Then, a week later, it worked fine... on the exact same image I tried it on the week prior.  Same image, same size.  Now it's not working again (I just retried).  So can you please tell me what the maximum file size for the program is?  If it's a program capacity issue then there should be a maximum size.

Hi Brian, 

Thanks for the update. Our Background Removal tool is actually a third party integration with 'Clipping Magic'. On their site it says that there are no limits, however we noticed that huge images, usually with size 3MB or more, don't always get good chances of being loaded to the background removal window.

Are you able to use the tool on small images?

Unfortunately, the inconsistent functioning issue for the "erase background" feature seems to be back.  I had problems with the button two weeks ago, then it worked last week and now it's not working again today.  I uploaded the image I wanted to edit and use (a photo), I clicked to select the image in the design area, clicked "erase background" and the program shows the loader spinner but when complete, nothing happens.  I'm returned to the unedited photo in the design area again.  I have tried it in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and then Chrome again to no avail.  Are the techs working on the program and that is why it is not loading or it's timing out or is there a legitimate glitch in the program?  I've shut down all other programs on my computer while running Youzign and am still experiencing this issue.  The fact that it worked perfectly, first time, last week after a week of not working seems to indicate that it's a software issue or a browser integration issue and not on the user end of things.  Anyone else experiencing this inconsistency?

Hi Brian, 

May I know the file size of the images you would like to work on with the Background Eraser? Sometimes large images don't work on the Background Eraser tool.

Hi Phil, 

Sorry about the inconvenience. Youzign works best on Chrome as it has issues with Safari or Firefox. About "When I click on Background Eraser and then try to drag across the background, I just move the entire image" - I am a bit confused here. Was the image removed or did it just move/carried when you dragged across the background? Did the erase background feature pop-up/window even load/show?


For more info about Erase Background you may check it on this page: http://support.youzign.com/i29-how-to-remove-a-background-magic-wand

Thank you.

I am STILL having problems with the eraser. Using Safari (might be the problem, but it worked in Safari when I first bought it) When I click on Background Eraser and then try to drag across the background, I just move the entire image... that isn't good!

Hi Phil, I have a screenshot above. Thanks

What is going on with YZ? Just logged in to start a project after months of non activity and nothing works???

Remove background...nothing happens...try again and it works but then doesn't save the changes...then doesn't work again...

This is very frustrating, used to work seamlessly.

Is it the Chrome browser or is it YZ??

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Leigh, 

I made a comment on your post about Erase Background tool: http://support.youzign.com/i959-what-is-going-on-with-yz , please check, thanks.

with version 2 about to launch has this ever been fixed.... am I better off just buying  a new version of Youzign and maybe I will get back the system I once loved and used all the time ... have not used this in months as its never working.. its slow and now all my uploads have gone?????? where I have no idea???? there are only a few uploads left that i did recently..
But there is no edit buttons on my program and have not been able to remove a background since I posted about this ...

You are launching version 2 ..... really ... how is that going to work when version one has not for months ..
Guys I would love to stick with and love to tell everyone how great this is but its been broken for so long..

Explain to me why I would continue t use it & will version 2 work ????
I am serious when I say am I better off buying version 2 or will my old youzign just miraculously work on Feb 8th???

Hi Tracy, I use it all the time and it works great.  I've not used it today, but used it last night with no problems.  I hope you can get it working soon.  I wonder if it's a browser issue since it's web based?

Hi Tracy, 

The 'Erase background' feature is working on my end. May I know the browser you are using for Youzign? Youzign works best on Chrome while it has some issues on other browsers. Consider updating your Flash Player too or disabling some browser plugins. Thanks

So it looks like this has not been working for a very long time ..... is it going to be ever fixed ..... or are we better off with another program .... the selling point to this program for me in the first place was all the tools that no longer work ...

It's been working again for me for almost a month now and I just tried it before responding and it still works.

Not working for me... refreshed..... logged out logged in...... refreshed..... ??????????


It does work.

Only thing is that the icon is changed and look like eraser.

Does popup not open when you click on eraser icon?

Hi everyone, 

'Erase background' tool is now back. Please check on your end, you may need to refresh to see the changes. Thank you!

Just tried it and it's working for me. Thanks, again for a great product.

Cool, you're welcome Gene!

Hi everyone, 

I apologize for this issue. It's been broken for days, our programmers are still working on a fix. This feature is an integration from Clipping Magic. The problem seems to come from them and we are contacting their support. Once we have it working again, I will update you on this thread. Thanks for bearing with us.

still doesn't work since october 30th :(

As I read earlier the erase background feature is not working Again. Any Ideas when it will work again. Dead in the water on my project I have planned for weeks now.

Not working again... 11-3-15 @ 0815AM Pacific Time

Well, if it was working earlier, it's not working for me now.  I agree the button has been changed to just 'erase background' and (I hope it's still got the other editing features in that screen!) it's not taking me to an edit screen.  I have the image selected on screen that I wish to edit, I click "erase background" button and the "loading" circle timer comes up, goes around 2-3 times, then goes away, and doesn't take me to any other screen to edit -- just leaves me back on the same workspace with my original image and no way to edit.  HELP...

Lisa is correct! It's NOT working again. :-(

Hi Lisa and Gene, 

Thanks for the update. I will contact our developers regarding this issue. Thank you.

Hi everyone, 

Erase Background feature is now working. It seems we have an issue on the Clipping Magic's side which affected Youzign last week. Thanks!

Thank you for keeping the software my "Go To" favorite. :-)

I just tried the background eraser and it now working. Thanks for getting it up and running again. :-)

Any luck yet gang. I need this tool today!

Add me to the list. Just tried and the "eraser" only brings back the image, not the "red and green" selection options. It's 9:40 AM ET.

It's working now. Thank you for fixing it.

Me too! I need to get the old thongs back, not possible to work today because of that! :(

Hi Gene, 

Thanks for letting us know. I have the same issue here too. I will notify the developers. Thanks