Problems with creating a template

Hi, I've successfully created a T-Shirt design using YouZign for a TeeSpring Campaign. 

I now want to create T-Shirts for another platform and the requirements are:

15"H x 18"W or 4500H x 5400Wpxl

Save as .png24

Export as sRGB PNG at 300dpi with transparent background (<25mb)

I did try and create a design in YouZign using the dimensions but couldn't find where to set the other requirements. I tried to upload the finished graphic but I was told the size was incorrect. I've tried uploading it as 4500Hx5400W and also the reverse, but both times I get the same message.

I suspect that the issue may be the save/export requirement below but I can't find anywhere to set this in YouZign. 

Save as .png24

Export as sRGB PNG at 300dpi with transparent background (<25mb)

Can you advise whether these settings are possible? If not, I'll probably have to use another program such as Gimp to create the designs, which would be a pity as I love the ease of YouZign (and I will have to learn Gimp!).

Hoping you have a solution for me.

Thanks and cheers

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Hi Niki, 

Setting the resolution to 300dpi is not available in Youzign. Due to some software constraints, we can only give out images in 72dpi resolution. You may use Gimp or Photoshop to adjust the dimensions. For more details please visit this link: http://support.youzign.com/i13-image-resolution ,

You may also create a designs with a transparent background. Just select the 'None' option on the option box for backgrounds.


Hi John, thanks for that.