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I purchased the Youzign - 100 Templates Upsell but how do I tell if those templates have been added to my account and how will I know when new ones have been added each month.

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Hello Support.

I sent emails, send message by facebook, but until today I dont receive my purchased template upgrade!!. Its not accessible on my dashboard.  It still has the Upgrade button.  I didn't receive any other instructions.  Please advise ASAP!!!!.

Hi Gustavo, 

Your account has been upgraded. I have updated you on a similar post you posted. Thank you.


I purchased the upgrade when I first bought Youzign, I do not see where my account says upgrade?

I am getting the 100 monthly templates, right? 

Please help,



PS:  I have not used Youzign that much and I am trying to start.

Hi Eddie, 

You can checkout your subscription when you login to your account http://screencast.com/t/AD7lt2EvqYM
Go to Profile tab under the dropdown menu on the top right corner of your screen.

Also, can you please send us your purchase details. This will help us speed up loading the templates on your account. Thanks!


I just purchased the template upgrade.  They are not accessible on my dashboard.  It still has the Upgrade button.  I didn't receive any other instructions.  Please advise.

Hi Sheldon, you should be able to see the templates now as your account is labelled/updated to 'Upgrade'. Please check again at your end. Press Ctrl + F5 to make a force refresh in the templates page. Thank you

Support... same question as many others... where are the templates I paid for?!

Why are templates not automatically showing up in my account? We have purchased the OTO and paid the $67... why do we need to spend so much time and effort to get a support process going to get something that should be automatic?   

Please release the templates... thanks.

I have posted here. 

I submitted a ticket.

You folks say the templates are there but they are not. 

Really how complicated is this? Something that is automated with a plethora of software tools out there is so complicated with your folks. Why so much effort and energy spent on this simplest of tasks.

I've had an account for over a month now and don't have these templates.

Please load the templates so I can use them. 

Hi Tom, 

Sorry for this very late response. I checked your account and it is labelled 'Upgrade'. You should have access to templates now. Please check on your end. Thank you

I understand the software came with a few designs. I purchased this. Then I purchased the UPSELL of 100 additional designs. I do not see these in my account John.

The reply you supplied points to templates which are available in everyone's account. Where are the extra templates I paid extra for?

Hi Don,

John's screenshots do show the upgrade templates.

When you purchased the software, you received the first 100, and we've added our monthly addition now to make a total of 250. (Check for page numbers at the bottom of the screen for some categories!)

If you are seeing the templates shown in John's screencast, you should be all set to receive all new templates we add to the software over the next year.

Hi Huzali,

Thanks for getting in touch.

To check if the templates were added to your account,

1. click the 'Templates' menu option on the left sidebar: 


2. From there you may browse templates in different categories: http://prntscr.com/6l4co4 .

3. We are sharing the new templates updates weekly via our support desk homepage and our Facebook group.