Designs are not actually being saved

Even though it indicates that the new design was "Saved Successfully", there is nothing in my design file. I tried twice with no luck and finally had to 'download' from the edit screen. I am using Chrome and never had this happen before with new designs.

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Thanks for responding, John. I have a special blue frame that is 500x500 that I use quite often with no saving problem. I tried a test graphic before replying and it seems to be working fine today. Yesterday, another design (using "New from image") also saved just fine. Since I used the download on the missing design in the Edit window, I do have it, so I didn't fill out the form you referenced to retrieve it. I attached the missing design and believe it had the saved name of "Drive sober" but like I said, unless you are looking for why the system failed, I really don't need it retrieved now.


Hi Gene, 

Got it. Thanks for the update and details. If you need an editable image/design file aside from the image that could still be downloaded, just feel free to use the retrieval form. : )


Hi Gene, 

I apologize for the inconvenience. May I know what format or size you used for those designs? (Flyer, Infographics, etc.). How many designs were lost? Moreover please fill this form: http://youzign.com/retrieval for us to help you recreate the lost designs. Thanks