⇓ Youzign Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux)

The Youzign Desktop app gives you quick access to Youzign from the comfort of your desktop! 

It's available for MacOS, Windows 8/10 and Linux and requires an internet connection.


Windows: simply download, unzip the file and double-click to install Youzign.

Mac: please unzip the Youzign download first then move it to your Mac applications folder.

Download Youzign Desktop (beta)

Note: this is a beta version. Try it out (and let us know if you find any bugs) or check again next week for the final version.


- fully responsive (flexible workflow)
- fast load (built with Chromium)
- add to dock
- Split View support

- fully responsive (flexible workflow)
- fast load (built with Chromium)
- pin to taskbar 
- Snap Assist support

Why you should install it

- Quick access to Youzign from your Dock bar (Mac) or task bar (Windows) so that you can fire up Youzign anytime.

- Fast load: app runtime based on Chromium OS, which means lighting-fast deployment of Youzign Desktop

- Fully responsive and supports Split View on Mac and Snap Assist on Windows. This will allow you to build your own workspace and have youzign run alongside your image library for instance (or use it with something like Duet Display)

- Coming soon: Youzign Desktop icon, always logged-in support, offline editing, 32-bit version (planned)

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You start this article by saying :- " The Youzign Desktop app gives you quick access to Youzign from the comfort of your desktop!  

It's available for MacOS, Windows 8/10 and Linux and requires an internet connection."

So where is the LINUX Desktop version of Youzign?!

OK so i found the Linux version with the download link, not very clear it was in here. But when I installed it and try to edit a design it says "Could not load plugin"

Hi Derrick, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience and delay on this response. 

You may need to install Adobe Flash Player for Linux to enable the desktop app.

Let me know how it goes.

Thank you.

When starting the application I receive this error 

Payment Required

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@youzign.com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Hi Eli, 

Thanks for the feedback. I'll notify the developers about the issue. I'll get back to you.

Installed the desktop version but I keep encountering the error message,
rendering the app unusable on my Windows 10 64bit laptop.

Hi Swee,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Can you please try installing the latest Adobe Flash version on your computers and reinstall the desktop app. 

Feel free to update us here.

Thanks and sincerely,


I am having Windows 7 Ultimate OS 64 bit. Will Youzine desktop be useful to me?

HI Jacob, 

Youzign should work well on Windows 7 in 64 bit. Do try. Thanks! :)

Please, help me


Hi Miky, 

Are you using a 32 Bit OS? Thanks

hi can you help me please,


i buy a youuzing today, but now i dont know , how to do install?

Hi everyone! @Heru, @Mohammed, @Ale,

The issues you encounter is mainly caused by installing the app on a 32 bit system. Although the app requires 64- bit ideally, in some cases, it's also working on 32-bit. Our dev't team suggests a work-around actually. 

So if you can help us with testing it, please try installing the latest Adobe Flash version on your computers.

Let us know if this fixes the issue. Rest assured, our dev't team is also looking into it.


Hi Rose, thanks for your response. I've checked the version of Adobe Flash on my PC, it is the latest one. But the software still cannot run.

Same issue cannot run on 32 bit windows vista......

Hi Steve, 

The app is built for 64 bit OS. So it will most likely not run properly on 32 bit OS. However, we'll see if we can build a version for 32 Bit OS.


After installation, I got an error pop-up message when I try to run. I'm using Windows 10, 32 bit. Below is the screenshot of pop-up message:

Hi Heru,

Our dev't team is now looking into it. We'll update you on this thread shortly.
Thanks for your patience! 


Same for me too!!, waiting for an update. My Windows version is 10, 32 bit

Hi, Youzign team will you plz release 32bit Win 7 desktop version. 

Hey! I did the download for Mac and it works. I can open the app but when I try to load a template or open my designs, I see this message: couldn't load plugin. Any issue, please? Thanks. P.S: I love this tool! Is the best in the world! :D 

Hi Ale,

Thanks for letting us know your concern. Passing this now to our dev't team. I'll update you shortly on this thread.


Hey Bertrand,

Thank you for the desktop version, installed and logged in without any issues.

you guys truly rock, Great product, brilliant support and amazing people behind the product, I normally deal with Rose, and she is just amazing at helping out on all different issues...The best of luck for the rest of the YZ-2 launch. All the best - kami

I've download youzign for linux, but I can't login to youzign


Please try to login on youzign.com and let me know.

I guess you have forget the correct login. Let me know If You want it to be reset for you.

Try login to youzign with correct login, but still can't login. please reset my password

Hi there,

Please let us know your username/ registered email address via support@youzign.com and we will send you a new password.


I just downloaded the Mac version from the dropbox area, unzipped the file, and I don't see any files inside the folder labeled "Contents" that appears to install an app. I found a file called nwjs in the sub folder called MacOS but when I tried double clicking, first I had to go to security to click "open anyway", but then it started to verify the app and said it's a Unix application. Is this the correct process because there's nothing else in the contents folder that looks like an app file.

Either something is missing or the instructions for installing this really needs to be updated to be a little more specific on what to look for.

all of us has the same problem and waiting for reply for youzign ...no executable file for mac ..mostly something wrong happened to youzign MAC desktop version ???? we still waiting for reply from youzign support team

Hey guys please try to download again, we just fixed the download link. When you unzip the file you will get the Youzign app ready to use. 

Thanks Bertrand, it worked.

Hi, is there tutorial how to install it on Linux Ubuntu. Thank you.


Download the the file (it's been updated recently) and unpack it into any folder.

Then either run youzign file from the console or create a desktop shortcut to the youzign file and put that into applications system folder.

Sorry for late respond. Thank you for your advice. Now I am using 90% of time youzign in linux and 10% in windows.

Thankyou Bartosz

Hi, it looks like 64 Bit version. Will you be releasing for 32 bit version?

Finally we are much closer to Adobe PS :D

Hey Prasath thanks for your feedback, I'll pass it on to the development team, we can certainly look into releasing a 32 bit version. And thanks for your kind words, we're not there yet but let's see in 20 years from now when we'll be as experienced as Adobe!