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Welcome to the new Youzign Template request page!

Simply let us know in the comments your templates suggestions for Youzign (please include a screenshot when possible) and we'll do our best to make it happen for you!

As usual, thanks for your help in making Youzign better every day : )

How to suggest a template

1. Click on Reply below
2. Write a little description and attach an image as an example
3 . Click Reply again to post!

Note: this page is focused on template requests. Please visit our contact page for other queries!

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7 replies

How about some Services Templates, i.e. Service Contractors like: Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Appliance Repair, Roofers, Pavers, Land Scapers, Tree Trimming & Removal, Car Repair, Auto Body & Paint, Window Tinting, and the list goes on of course.

OR ... how about a section where we could contribute our own designs to the community?
Mike Claggett

Hi Mike, that's a good suggestion, I will take note of that. May I know the plan you are subscribed to in Youzign? Thank you.

I wonder how TO CREATE a template like this.. Picture on the right and text on the left with the shape like this..
I don't see shape like this in the editor.. Is there a template for this..


Hi Jimmy, 

There is no similar template for this. I made a response on your ticket at support, please check as I have added steps on how to achieve this kind of style. Thank you.

Btw new templates are only included if you have the club subscription?

Hi Bruce, 

That's right. A Hundred new templates come in every month with Youzign Club.

I would like to ask for templates for the mobile space, please. Anything such as mobile website, mobile website design, mobile marketing, mobile advertising, etc.

Sound great Karl, noted! Thanks!

Good Morning and happy Valentines day. 

Can you add a Golf Course and Realtor / real estate templates

Sure Pierre, on what type of format(facebook cover, twitter, flye, etc.) does these topics go into usually?

Facebook Post, Ads , Article post, Banners, Rackcards

Got it Pierre! Thanks 

Please add a Linkedin template.


Yes i second that

would be great

Got it Jenny, will have it very soon!

HI, it would be nice if you ad Logo category for templates. I am proud owner of the 100 templates package but I mising this templates.

Hi Valeja, 

Sounds great, we have that on our to-do list for templates, and I hope we could implement that soon. Thanks!

I agree with David. It is great to hear that it is already on the to-do list John

Thanks David