Creating ebook Cover in 2D and 3D

I have not understand, if i have a preview from my ebook in 2D and 3D how i now can download in 2 steps the ebook cover 2d and after this the ebook cover in 3d.

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Hey guys we have just pushed an update that makes creating covers very easy (and cool).

To use this feature simply select the eBook cover format and click on the Preview (eye icon) in the top right.

Next step (coming soon): similar previews for Kindle covers and Product cover bundles!


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Hey why don't you use Some Tools or Software to design these. Lots of tools Available in market To creating Ebook cover.

please share free product to do that

Hi there,

I have tried looking under all the different layout options and can only find the cover options available under 'product cover' with no option to resize with the default being a very small 412x547px ? This causes issues as all designs then need to be grouped, saved and drastically resized to make these dimensions?

Where can designs be made into 2D and 3D covers without this restriction or at a better size and resolution?



Hi Peter, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience but Youzign only has this mockup preview for 412 x 547px size 'product cover'. To easily change the dimensions of the entire design to 412x547, you can Select All objects (Ctrl + A) and resize them at the same time.

Hi Shimon, 

Please use the 'Product Cover' format. You may view the preview - which includes 3D ebook cover through this button:

Feel free to update me on this thread.

I also see no option to create 3D ebook cover - its one of my main reason to register to youzign. :(

Hello, i am a Beta user and my template options do not show eBook cover . Please see attached screen shot of what it does show...would love to have this feature added to my account. 

It does show Kindle and Product though. 

Please could you fix? 

Never mind I discovered that Product Cover has replaced EBook. Thank you. 

Hey guys we have just pushed an update that makes creating covers very easy (and cool).

To use this feature simply select the eBook cover format and click on the Preview (eye icon) in the top right.

Next step (coming soon): similar previews for Kindle covers and Product cover bundles!


I just bought v 2.0 and do not have any options to use 3D in the program. My screen has none of the tab options that you are showing on this screen. After reading many of the problems other people mentioned, I'm wondering if this is worth the money. Please help me if you can. Thank you

When I click on Image Preview I only get the Flat Basic View to download.  How do I get the side-eBook style, Magazine Style and the Spiral Style?  

Hi Louis, 

Not all formats/size has the 3D preview. Most formats having the 3D preview are under Prints such as Business Card, Flyers, etc.

Also to access the previews like the one above, make sure you are using the 'Product Cover' format. Click the preview and you can switch form Hard Cover, Ringbinder, etc.


Hi Mike, 

To get the previews of Books, Binders, Magazine, etc. Make sure you're using the 'Product Cover' format. It will not work on other formats such as Custom size. 

Feel free to update me on this thread. Thanks!

Hi Diane, 

I'm sorry for the delay of our development as we have priority features that needs to be improved or fixed. For 2D and 3D previews on Ebook cover:

 Please make sure Ebook cover is selected.


Click the Preview button:


And when under the Preview mode, you may select from 3D or 2D:

I have done that & there is no 2D or 3D there. I think I am just going to ask for a refund since the product was so grossly misrepresentated.

Hi Diane, 

May I know the browser you are using for Youzign? The app works best in Google Chrome browser. On Safari and Firefox we do have issues there - which could be the reason why you don't see 2D & 3D.

If you wish to continue for the refund, please send us a ticket/request on this page: http://support.youzign.com/ , click the 'Submit a Request' button on top right and please include the details of your purchase.

We appreciate you giving Youzign a try. Thank you.

I don't have this view option in YouZing 2???  Have cleared my cached and used IE and Chrome but no options???

Hi Mike, 

The 3D and 2D view are only available to some formats under Prints like Business Card, Loyalty Cards, Tickets, Flyers, etc. Every format/size has their own style of preview. Unfortunately Custom size formats don't have a 3D or 2D preview because their sizes can vary.

Let me know how it goes. Thank you.

John, I am upgraded. A dual cover like that I cannot use for my launches, & I have 3 products ready to launch. So, since your service was so grossly misrepresented, I am going to have to hire a Designer anyways to do my product covers. Or sit on my butt till you guys decide to make things they was you represented them in the first place. Also, when I go under preview, there is no option for a 2D or 3D.

I agree. I need just the 3D Book Cover. This is crazy & not the way it was advertised. And only a few ebook designs? Wow!! 

Hi Diane, 

We will be providing a feature for users to choose types of preview soon. For ebook templates - we already have 35 templates in total which is accessible by those who purchased the Upgrade. Thanks

Hi Barbara, it seems that you're getting the 3D preview. If you want to download the actual design, just click the Download button while on Edit Mode:


Hi there,

I still need a 3D version of my ebook cover. Although you say this was resolved 22 days ago, my screen shows only a letter from a customer dated 4 months ago which has had no response. 

Please could you advise how I can get a 3D cover? I have tried down loading according to your instructions, but I only get the image I have attached. Can this be converted into a single cover? 

I have also watched the video mentioned by Dietrich Lasa, the previous emailer. You certainly had the facility then, with many variations. How can you have stepped back on this?

I look forward to your reply


Thank you

Barbara Moss

Will there be an option for a variety of ecovers instead of just the one that is currently tied to the iphone version?

Hi Jeremy, right now we don't have subcategories for Ebook and Kindle covers. However we can use Custom Size format to cater those sizes.

Hi Jeremy,  Youzign is in this case not flexible. I also wishes more templates as actual available. I purchased before  a few days a solution with unlimited templates and Variations.

Hi Dietrich,

thanks for your great video.

But i dont find the download options which shown in your Youtube-Video.

Here is a screenshot of my window   http://screencast.com/t/Y2wAiFBjX

What can be the reason therefore? It seems to be a new feature. May i have to

make an update? But it´s a web-based Software. Please can you help me to

find out the reason?


Best regards


Hi Guys.

This is so frustrating. I have been waiting for days to find out what I need to do to download the 3d image of my ebook only.

Sorry, you guys are great but this seems crazy!

It shows both the IPHONE and the EBOOK cover in the 3d preview. How do we download just the ebook cover? 

Yes, i also can´t understand, why a so simple thing is so complicated. And nobody fixed this item.

Hi John

Sorry for the late response. For now, it's not possible to download just the IPhone or the Ebook, they are in one image. In the future we will add a feature that let's you select a preview style.

I am having a problem where I need to save just the EBOOK version of the 3D image. When I click on 3d, it shows the phone version and the book version. I just want the EBOOK downloaded. What do I do? Thanks!



I do not have a 3d button is that an upgrade option?

Hi Dolores, 

You will see the 3D buttons once you are in the preview mode. This 3D preview only applies to Business cards, flyers, and ebook cover preview.

Hi Werner, 

There are 2 types of downloads. 1 - Main download - getting the actual design image. 2. Preview download - downloads the preview of the design. The first thing you did is to download the 3D preview. The 2nd is you downloaded the Actual design image and that is not the 2D preview. The 3rd is the same as the 2nd action. To download the 2D preview, you need to be on the 2D preview:


Hi Kae, High John,

here is a short capture video for my way to try to create a 3d-cover.
i see no way to build the 3d-cover from the book or the pad, shown as the preview
Only the 2d-template was shown before download is possible. Hope, you can help.




I do it in this way, always with the same result, it will even create a 2d-Cover. This programm is absolutely strange :-(

Hi Werner --

What kind of issues are you experiencing when trying to download the covers? Would it be possible to provide a screencast to show us exactly what's going on there?

We'd be happy to take a look for you! Thanks!

Hi Werner, 

To download the 2 previews (2D and 3D), you should be able to access the Preview mode through the preview button:


Once in the preview mode, by default 2D preview is viewed. Download the preview through this button: 

Switch to 3D preview through the 3D button


and click the same Download preview button to download the 3D preview.

The 3D option shows 2 x 3D designs - one for a tablet and one for a booklet. In your previous book cover module were many more options, and your introductory video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooiBM5p4nuY)  for that module shows much more than just 2 versions.