How to use the Team Agency features (staff and clients)

Youzign Agency allows team and design collaboration inside Youzign.

At its core it relies on 3 user roles in Youzign: Team Lead (you), Staff (can see all team designs) and Clients (can only see designs shared with them).

To start using the Agency features.

1. Create a team 

Go to your dashboard and click on Create Team to create your team. 

2. Invite users

You can invite existing Youzign users to your team (free) or buy additional Youzign licenses for your staff and client (if you need to buy more licenses click on the Upgrade>Agency link in your dashboard)  

Note: new users you invite will receive an email invitation that looks like this:

3. Share designs with your entire team

First go to your dashboad (where all your designs are saved) and under any of your designs click Share

That design will be pushed to your Team. Simply go back to your Team page (top right of your dashboard) to see it inside your team.

4. Share designs with a specific team staff or client

Inside your Team page over on the 3 dots on any design and select Push to user.

You will see this popup where you can choose which user of your team (staff or client) you want to push the design to. 

Note: when you push a design to one of your team members this design will appear in their dashboard.

Watch the video walkthrough to learn more about Youzign Agency. 

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Can the "Client" create their own designs within YouZign once we invite them to the/a team?




Hi Eric,

Yes, they can if you send them invite. Btw, Sorry for missing out your question here :( 


I added two staff yesterday and they show up as clients. How can I switch them?

I am getting the same thing.. And they can only see 100 of the 1000 templates. need staff to have all of them


Hi Clark and Jay, I am sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue and we're working on it. Thank you.


It's saying that the coupon code yz10 has expired. I would like to buy 20 licences.


Kerry ( is my youzign account email addresss)

Hi Kerry, sorry about the delay of this response. May I know if your request has been sorted out? Thank you.

Hey Bertrand, thanks much for your prompt response! This is one of the reasons I like YouZign so much apart from the amazing platform. Yes, I think it would be good to see this flexibility in the Agency feature. That is, to be able to delete a team member or client and retain the license. It's good to see that you will look into improving this feature and in the meantime, we can contact support to restore the license (if needed). Thanks again!

This is a very useful tutorial Bertrand, but can you also show us how to delete a client or team member and get the license back? Or is there another tutorial for that, if so, I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

Hey Anthony thanks for your feedback! At the moment if you use up a license its final, you may not retrieve it. This is a behaviour we are looking into improving, the Agency feature is still very new (came out 2 days ago) so we'll be ironing it out as we go. We'll surely work out an easy way to fix that. In the meantime email us on and we can restore used licenses for you if needed.