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Strange thing.  When I go to add to my Google calendar it put it in JULY 4th instead of APRIL 7th.  I'm in France so  April 7th is expressed as 7/4/2016 which in the US would be July 4th.  

However, the time was correctly entered in EST and converted to my local time.

I often add US webinars to my calendar with no problem. This is the first time I have seen this. You may want to check your interface.

Have a great day!

Hey Sandra thanks for letting me know, I am going to look into it, might be due to the different date formats like you noticed plus the calendar widget we are currently using. Will likely have to switch to a different one, ill look into it. Merci!

De rien ;-)


Hello Bertrand,

I'm sorry my English. I'm Spanish. Please I can view the webwinar in Spanish language. I don't understand the English  when speaking.

Thank you

Rubén M.

Hola al momento no hacemos webinares en espanol, pero tal vez vamos a harcerlo en el futuro... lo siento !