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Import images as vectors, not as .jpg or .png (no loss of quality when enlarged this way)


I'm really disappointed that the images from Iconfinder and Stock Unlimited are not vectors.
This is a serious drawback to the software.
It means that the vast majority of the premium media included is not scalable!

Many of the images also import with the checkered transparency background.
How can we use those, and isolate the images, when their backgrounds are flattened together with the objects?

It's like we're using screenshots of the media. :(

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Any news on this? Vector images would be great but at least the images should be imported without the checkered transparency background.

Hi a k, 

Unfortunately, the progress for this has been paused. A better integration with Stock Unlimited is required for this. We will make updates soon.

Hi Ivan, 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience brought by the limitations on those features. We will look into importing vector objects from Iconfinder and Stock Unlimited(though we are not sure yet if we will be allowed to access vectors from StockUnlimited API). We have scalable vectors on our graphics library like the category Shape, Arrows, Elements, etc. Thanks!

I appreciate the feedback, John!
If you can, let me know when this is accomplished!

If you can get vectors for at least one of those, that will be fantastic!

- Ivan

Sure Ivan! You're welcome!