There are several ways to get help from your friendly support team at Youzign.


Best for solving bugs, billing issues, partnership enquiries, etc. Contact us privately.

Inside Youzign (via Intercom)

After logging in click on the Help bubble in the bottom right-hand corner (see screenshot above)


Knowledge base: browse the helpdesk tutorials or use the search box (top-right)


Best for requesting new features, asking questions that might benefits other members, etc. Messages will be public.

Problems: report a problem (note: for one-on-one support it's better to use one of the personal support channel above)  

Feedback: share your ideas (we LOVE to hear from you:)

Facebook: Join the Youzigners Group or visit the Youzign Page

Twitter: mention @youzign via Twitter

Skype: add "omassore" (aka Bertrand, founder) on Skype

In all cases we guarantee you will get an answer within 24 hours (or less). 

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I just sent a email about needing to change my payment method. Please help

Hi Al!

I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

If you can send a message to support@youzign.com in a private message, we can look into any options that are available :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bjr je n'arrive pas à ouvrir mon tableau de bord. Un écran blanc s'est affiché avec error 404 car j'ai eu des problèmes avec mon mot de passe. pourriez-vous m'aider, merci

Bonjour FORTUNE,

Merci de nous avoir contacté! 
S'il vous plaît écrivez-nous à support@youzign.com avec votre e-mail
enregistrée et nous allons réinitialiser vos informations de connexion .

I signed up 3 days ago and still have not got my login info I've tried to email seller 3 time no response becoming frustrated

Hi Anthony,

One of our team members already responded to the ticket you sent with your log in details. Please check.
Thanks for your patience on this! 


Hello "Support"

Like many others I purchased Youzign 2 early yesterday and did not receive my log in details via email. Yes I have checked very carefully my spam folders. Nothing.

I have written to the seller (bertrand@ymbproperties.com) twice, the warrior forum where i found the purchase link, and your "support" here three times already with not one reply from anyone. It is very frustrating to purchase something and get nothing back except a standard thank you for purchasing letter.

Please follow up on your purchases. It is not good to get off to a start like this.  Where is everbody in your company?

Your program looks promising but i do think you should sort out the purchasing work flow!



Hi someone called Abhi replied today with log in credentials. Thanks. I was worried for a while. All,s well now but i do think your buying process needs tweeking a little.

Thanks anyway.

Hi Wayne,

Do apologize us for the inconvenience here. Glad that it's already sorted out. We appreciate your update here.Thank you!


I have done this and more. Can someone reach out to me? I have contacted support through email and the chat and my requests have not been addressed.

Now I am going to try Skype. 

I too have tried to contact "support," three times in the last two days, as I purchased "Youzign," through JVzoo, and have STILL not been able to even access my account and so use the program?! Getting very frustrated now as I have clients waiting for me to complete jobs which I was hoping to use Youzign for completion?!

PLEASE "Support," could you contact me as well as Joshua above?!! I know you must be busy, but when you purchase something and can't access it, then contact support repeatedly but still nothing, you quickly get pretty frustrated?! Sincerely Jezz 


[ Some contents hidden ]

Hi Joshua, apologies for the delayed response. May I know the email you used in writing to our support? This way I can follow up our support team members. Thank you.

Hi Jeremy, 

I was told by Support that they sent you the login credentials to your mail for your account in Youzign. Please check on your mail(could be in spam folder in some cases). Feel free to update me on this thread. Thank you for bearing with us.

Hello Rose and God bless - I can't seem to see any templates on certain elements like pinterest - web banners, google templates, ect.  


Can you please help me ?

Hi Juan, my sincere apologies for missing your question here. :( This post seemed to have fell on a crack and only now have I seen it. 

I assume you've already found a way to see the templates you're looking for but in case not, here is a screenshot => http://screencast.com/t/FZnKxtatWJ6 

Thanks for your patience and more power! 
- Rose