Feature request: File Folders and Export to various file formats

I'm loving Youzign.  I have 3 feature requests:

1. The more designs I make in Youzign, the more I'm wanting to have a way to organize my designs, like in file folders. For instance, I just did a webinar and created 20+ slides in Youzign and would love to be able to select all the slides and store them in a single folder (like a photo album), so my Youzign library would easier to navigate with fewer page tabs, and easier to batch designs together and organize them into categories. 

2. It would also be great to be able to export a collection of slides (like an entire photo album) into a powerpoint .ppt presentation because that seems to be the best way to share slides in a google hangout (I use Webinar Jam which uses google hangouts). For live presenting on stage events, it would also be great to be able to export a collection of slides into a Keynote .key presentation

3. Finally, it would also be great to be able to export a youzign file into .psd format with the individual layers preserved, and to export to PDF (entire collections of designs into a single PDF with multiple pages)

Hope you guys like these ideas.


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I'd like the option to download the file as pdf plus have the option to download with crop marks... so it's basically print ready.

Canva.com does something similar to that and it's awesome.

YouZign is much better and easier for me to use as far as design is concerned.

But, that 1 addition would be extremely awesome.



Hi fitgear, thanks for the feedback! We should get there soon, I agree on the crop marks, would be handy for prints. We will make updates once completed, thanks!


A lot of the online business card printing services need your graphic to be in a PDF format so they can print your order, so PDF would help very much.

Got it Michael, thanks for the suggestion, PDF is on our list :)

PSD is an open format just like pdf. any one can edit and use the psd format

you need a way to handle layers for more professional design.

also I need more export formats

The only layers I can see you have are in the templates.

Also a FB ad wizard that completes the add in various standard add sizes similar to adrespark would be great

Hi Jay, 

Sounds interesting, we'll check on that.

We don't have an FB ad wizard, we have 11 types before but we short listed it to 3 because all of them only have these 3 sizes , 1200x444, 1200x628 and 1200x900. The 3 sizes helps us avoid redundant templates because before - we used to have 11 templates having similar designs which is quite confusing to users.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I'd like .jpeg format export function too.  I often need to convert from .png to .jpeg.  It would be ideal to have in Youzign.

Hi Jennine, 

Sure! It's in our plans to export in JPEG. Hoping to have them soon. Thanks!

All great suggestions here, but especially saving in different formats. Perfect Audience limits the upload file size to 70mb. I often find myself having to use another tool to convert to jpeg to cut down the file size to an acceptable level.

Hi there, got it, we'll add more format options for the image. Thanks

Another idea is to be able to add folders for your uploaded images as well.  So you can keep them organized such as banners etc.

Thanks Bertrand! That sounds good, and the UI looks great :) 

Hey Evan,

Thanks for the great suggestions!

Regarding 3), its a popular request but right now we are not able to solution it since Photoshop is a proprietary design format by the Adobe corporation. We are slightly limited technologically here.

For 2) that's a great suggestion.. I think what we could do is maybe allow you to export all the files in a youzign folder (see below) to something like a PDF or a powerpoint. I will submit the idea to the dev team and see what we can do about it. 

Regarding 1), folders are indeed a must, we are scheduled to release it in April (UI below).

Hope this helps,

 PSD is must as many times client needed PSD source file!

Will we be able to rename the folders as we add them with our client's names?