error in auto responder

Hi, i purchased a 20 agency yesterday and have been exploring it to figure out how to use it.

i created a staff email for some of my instructors, and sent them an invite to use youzign (license). Worked fine.

Then I created a graphic from my user (docp@docp.com) and sent a graphic - pushed a graphic to all of them.

i received only two emails, of the four sent, and both have a a formating error, that you can easily edit.

Inside the email it said:


Hi cody_klein,

You have received a design from cody_klein.

Use this as starter art and create a sign that we can use this summer.  No other specifications.

To accept the design from cody_klein:
1. Login to youzign.com
1. Click the link below

Thank you,
BUT the graphic was sent from me (docp@docp.com) the sender (cody_klein@spacevoyage.com). Currently shows being sent from receiver to receiver.
Also, the 2nd, 3rd, and fourth person it was sent to did not get emails. So is it correct to say, when you push a graphic, you can only push it to one person at a time?
Hope this helps.
Doc Palmere
Lakewood/Denver CO USA

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Hi there, 

Thanks for spotting and letting us know about it. The issue on the auto-responder is fixed. Also, regarding about pushing a template, we can only push one template to a single user. You can push many but you need to duplicate your designs before pushing them. You may also share a design, this way your team members will be able to access it on the Team Page.

Yes, for now you can only push design to one person at a time.

It might change in the future however, we're still waiting for more feedback, so thx for your voice here.