RE: repurchasing....

I have a couple outstanding questions that haven't been answered yet but here is my latest.. You asked me to buy V2 when I really didn't need to (lifetime member) But if I did, to show support you would include "TRIBE" in my membership. So I bought V2. Now I'm expected to open a new account as though I'm a new customer. Here is my question, finally. For those of us that did that, why can't the upgrade just be liinked to my existing account??

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Hi Redge, 

You don't have to buy Youzign V2 because your V1 account is already in V2 when we launched. Also, if you purchased(before Youzign 2) or if your package includes this - 'template upgrades' then you don't need to upgrade to the new 1000 template offer.

Being an existing user, you can upgrade to new offers like Agency, Kickstart and Tribe. If you might want a refund, please send us a ticket or request to support@youzign.com . Please also include the youzign email and payment/transaction ID of the purchase. We will update your account as soon as we get the details.

Thank you!