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Blending images

I big want of mine for Youzign is to be able to blend images. Right now everything is hard edges, but if you look at a lot of top designs by people using Photoshop, they often blend images really well. Don't know what the correct approach to this is - fading out at the edges, making images semi transparent. I see we can already control the opacity of an image, but if we only want to do that on certain parts of images for blending purposes, that function would be really helpful.

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Hi Walter, 

Thanks for the suggestions. This is actually on our list, and we'll review it soon. Those blending could be achieve either through masking with gradients on the image or applying feather on Photoshop. We'll see if possible in Youzign. Thank you!

Did we ever add this its been 11 months and it would be a real useful feature???

Hi Sean, 

I am sorry. It's not been added however it's still in our list. We prioritized the features that can be easily added and those that are related to the main functionalities.

Thank you.