I cant run Youzign in win 32 bits!!!

Hello Im new and I just to buy Youzign! and download the for a link here in support (because I dont receive an email with instructions for download the application exe) But I have windows xp 32 bits and I cant run the program!!!!. 

I receive and alert message: youzign.exe is not an application Win32... 


please HELP!!!

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Hi Gustavo;

Most of my staff use - 32 bit machine... so we need to run it on 32 bit.. So please make the changes to 32 bit program ... Otherwise we have to change 20 Machines to 64 Bit which to us is not viable. 

The problem we have the browser also cannot run the design templete .... we need to show you what happening. 

We can setup a team viewer section for you to show you what the problem is with the browser.

So I think your development team can make a 32 Bit Version for us.


Nigel Miranda

Hi Nigel, 

We'll be looking into it to see if its possible to push updates for 32 bit users. Also, may I know what browser you are using for Youzign?

Hi Gustavo, 

Apologies for the delay on getting back to you. I was told that Youzign in Windows version are built for 64 Bit OS. It may not work properly on 32 Bit. However we will try to work on 32 bit versions. Thanks!

Hi Gustavo, 

I will notify the developers and ask if it can only run on 64 bit OS. For now you may try our web app. Just log in to https://youzign.com/login , thank you.