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Welcome to Youzign! Here is a welcome video to give you a good understanding of the Youzign interface.

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I have purchased youzign graphics software. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. Can I make it a desktop facility so that I need not search for the welcome mail?

jacob pannir selvam

Hi Jacob,

Yes, you can download the Youzign desktop here => http://support.youzign.com/i577-youzign-desktop-mac-windows-linux Cheers!


You're welcome Jacob, feel free to reach us again if you have further concerns or questions. :)

Hello, It is very useful for me, being a beginner. But, I like to know how I can type in any text in the image? Is it or how is it possible? Please guide me.

Hi Jacob, 

There is no feature yet to add captions or texts to images, if that's what you meant. But if you meant to edit the textbox - you have to double-click it to be able to type.