Attention: expected delays on support requests this week


Bertrand from Youzign here, and on behalf of the Youzign team and myself I would like to sincerely apologize for any delay in replying to your queries.

The truth is, our tiny but insanely dedicated team at Youzign is struggling with keeping up with how awesome the response has been to Youzign 2 this week. In the past few days we are averaging over 1000 new customers per day which is proving to genuinely stretch our limits.

We have been doing our best to push new features to Youzign this week (like the Agency), created new tutorials, hosted over 4 hours of live Q&A webinars with you, provided insane support on the forums and facebook groups and via email support too.

If you have sent us a support request and you are yet to hear from us, please be assured that we are not trying to shy away from our responsibilities or even forgot about you. We deeply care that you cared to trust us with your business.

We are expecting to experience delays in replying to your queries for at least for the next 7 days. We are working literally day and night to clear our backlog of support requests which often ties with simultaneously developing and evolving Youzign as a software.  We are slowly and steadily getting through all your requests.

If your request is not urgent and you already visited the helpdeskcontacted us via Intercom inside or already emailed us at please kindly wait for our reply over the coming days.

Please also note that we have a ton of support & training materials in this helpdesk (under the Knowledgebase) which more than often will answer most questions you may have. 

If you have a small emergency and need instant help with Youzign, you can reach me directly on Skype, I'm connected to it on 20+ hours a day so I can help you out.My skype is omassore. Note: please let me know how can i help in your Skype invite, it will help me help you faster.

If you have a real emergency that needs immediate resolution (or else the world will end:) you can call me directly on (888) 800-9956 if you live in the US or +353 144 33 213. I will answer and help you out.

Thank you for reading through, and I and the team can't be thankful enough for all the support you showed us throughout the week. We sincerely hope we will be able to keep on bringing insane value to your business with Youzign. 

Update 15 Feb: the queue has been stable since the week-end so we will be able to power through it this week. For Tribe customers please get in touch for your bonus. One of our core focus this week will be to streamline and better guide you through the JVzoo delivery process, in order to fix most of the common registration and upgrade issues. 

Update 17 Feb: we simplified the payment process for new users and existing member upgrade and added two tutorials to clarify the steps:

New customers =>

Existing customerss =>

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I just sent you my message on skype. Please help me out here being able to log in.

Thanks. VJ

Hey Volder glad I was able to help you out

I purchased youzign2 and I can not access my account I had previously purchased youzign. How do I get access under this account
My previous account



Hi! thanks for the info, saddly i also can not access my account :(

For support contact: or

Your Login Email: (hidden)

Purchase Details:

I hope you can help me as soon as possible.


Bertrand, thanks for the update. I know you guys are very busy but I'd start to wonder why i wasn't receiving a response from the messages I've sent. 


Patience is a virtue :) ...



Like some other guys I bought the "tribe offer" for existing customers, meaning I bought Youzign 2.0 again as a V1 customer to get those white label apps. I can´t find anything in my email accounts or in my youzign account relating to the fulfillment of my purchase.

Please clarify where to get the downloads and when the new features in the youzign account wil be available.

Hi Christoph, 

We started delivery on tribe about 2 weeks ago. You may check that on your mail. Feel free to update us if you haven't received any update. Thanks.

Sorry guys, I checked all folders again, spam and trash included. I got dozens of marketing emails, invitations to webinars, links to blog posts, but NOT ONE SINGLE EMAIL related to my purchase.on Feb, 10th. The only message I got was the receipt for the purchase.

Hopefully you will be able to solve the issue within 24 hours.

Hi Chris,

Please forgive us for missing out your response here. Please write to us at and we'll send you access to Tribe right away.


Finally I confirm herewith that I received Youzign tribe in the meantime through another channel. I accept your apologies and look forward to an improved experience with your support. You may want to streamline the support efforts under one helpdesk or something similar and make it faster - people will be thankful for that.

Thank you Christoph for your patience on this and the confirmation. We will take note of your suggestion here.


Hi Bertrand,

How do I access Youzign Tribe? I already had full access to Youzign & purchased again as per the special offer emailed to me...

I'm assuming this is the place to inquire about this?




Hi Bertrand,

I've asked this already, here & in the messaging app in youzign dashboard. What do I have to do to get an answer & access to youzign tribe? You folks have no problems pushing hard to try & sell me on the new app you're promoting, so why don't you spare me a few seconds to provide links to youzign tribe? That's just good customer service & common courtesy to one who pays for your products.

How do I access Youzign Tribe? I already had full access to Youzign & purchased again as per the special offer emailed to me...

I'm assuming this is the place to inquire about this?



AH!!!! That explains a lot!

Thank you Bertrand for the update, and I've replied to a support "plea," on another thread referencing my frustration for not being able to access my account, having paid fully through Jvzoo, thus not being able to use the program yet!

Great that you're having such an awesome response to the program, and will hope to have someone get back to me shortly with access details etc?

Nice to have a CEO give such an update btw admitting shortcomings, but also offering solutions to those and assurance to their customers!

Thank you in advance! 

Jeremy Grainger

(email hidden for security reasons)

Thank you Jeremy for bearing with us! By the way, can you please confirm if you have already received your access to Tribe? 


I want a refund for my repurchase of Youzign. This was to give me access to youzign tribe. I have asked several times for access to the product & I have been ignored by your staff, including the ceo, bertrand. 

Enough! process my refund back to my paypal account. If it is not forthcoming promptly, I will be filing a complaint through paypal.

Your lack of customer service is very frustrating. I will keep this experience in mind if I ever feel the urge to buy any more of the products from any of this "team".


Hi Michael,

Please accept our sincere apologies for missing out your query here. :( Glad I was able to help you out on the other thread May I ask if you already received Tribe?

If not, please write to us at and we'll send you access right away.