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I am trying to type in a telephone number and the digit 2 isn't being accepted on the business card even if I copy and paste it in the digit 2 is removed.

Please sort this out as I notice it was reported 9-10 months ago and it still isn't working. I have only bought this recently with version 2.0 but will seek a refund if this is the sort of poor support being given.

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Sorry, don't understand what you are meaning here. I am simply using my keyboard and the template and when I try and type the digit "2" it doesn't show up. I haven't used any special font.

Hi Cecil, 

Sorry for the delay. What font are you using for that textbox which number 2 isn't working? Also, what browser are you using for Youzign? Thanks

Hi Cecil

This was fixed a *long* time ago?

The only time you will NOT get the digit 2 is if you use a font set from the choice of text fonts that contains no #2 in it.. eg some font sets have icons instead of some letters/numbers of the alphabet..

This is a business card template [tested on a very early YZ template as well] from V2 and it is working with #2 and lots of different variations of the #2 ;-)

Hope that helps..