It would be great if we could curve text or images

It would be great if we could curve text and images without having to perform the action manually. Thank you

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Any updates on this request? It would be a great feature :)

Hi Richard, 

We're working on the cursive text, hopefully we can complete it within the 3rd quarter of the year. For 'curving images' this is something that needs more time as image distortion is needed on this feature. Thank you.

I'd like to see this feature added too... thanks.

Sure Jay! Thanks 

Hi Marie, 

We started implementing the curved text, though there's no specific timeframe on when we can complete. We can't work on curved images yet as it's complicated because it involves distortion of images. Thanks!

HI Marie,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us here. :) It's already on our to-do list. We'll keep you posted