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  • THIS HELPDESK IS CLOSING DOWN (long live the new helpdesk!)

    Bertrand :) · 0 · Posted

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to inform you that we are retiring this helpdesk and moving it to a new one here:

    We will also retire the forums we had here and move them to a new forum website here: (not active yet)

    We are very sad to see our good old support desk go but at the same time excited for the future! Being in touch with you is incredibly important to us so we are planning to keep the interactivity we always had with you going moving forward in our new forums, due this week...

    Thanks a

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    Je n'ai pas reçu mes codes d'identifiant

    Vincent · 0 · Posted

    Hello la Youzign team,

    Voilà je viens de faire l'achat de youzign et je n'ai pas reçu ni : > la page d'accès au produit > les codes d'identification.

    Merci de solutionner le problème rapidement, je souhaite tester tout ça au plus vite ;-)

    Bien chaleureusement, Vincent

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    Can't log in to logozign.

    Haytham Al-Rabeah · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    I logged in and downloaded the beta soon after purchase, but I haven't been able to log in to update for the last couple of months.

    My purchase email is

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    keys on my YOUZIGN account that are not being authenticated:

    jim · 0 · Posted

    I have been asked by the developers of WP UltraPOP what version of YOUZign I have. No place do I see any information what version I have.

    These are the keys on my account that are not being authenticated:

    API Key YOUZIGN public 84207c650a232773e7aa7f7af2cdb9ec Private 263eb3c2866031e5928a347b6aa525e8 TOKEN 8e3e724a7ea5b60e916684dbd8b314d1

    So what version do I have?

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    Takes forever to save an image

    Ron Solo · 0 · Posted


    I've been using Youzign since its first release, but you really NEED to improve the time it takes to save an image. It can take a couple of minutes for a FB post size image and that is way too long.

    I see other posts from a year ago and obviously you're not taking this issue seriously enough. I also use Canva and Stencil and they both save images extremely fast, so it's not my computer or connection.

    BTW it also takes forever to delete an image from the Uploads section.

    PLEASE fix this issue.

    Thank you


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    Hi you are aware youzign is offline since one hour or so?

    Loek · 0 · Posted

    Hi it is 5 Feb 2018 and Youzign is offline since one hour. It is 23 hours in my time zone. It has happened several times these days. What's up?

    Greetings Loek

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    text box size change

    Getsilly · 0 · Posted

    Sometimes I have a text box that is much bigger than the text iteself. I want to reduce the size of the box without reducing the size of the text. How do I keep the text static and move the border of the box to the text?

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    Gradient for border

    sandified · 0 · Posted

    Ability to create gradient for border instead of the current solid colors.

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    Yearly Payment for Youzign

    Salim Hoy · 0 · Posted

    Could someone quickly answer me in this matter. I have a customer that wants to buy Youzign from my referral link. but he wants to buy it for one year instead of monthly and don't want to pay $1 to try it out and then use original price, he just wants to pay the price 1 year for each year, do i need a special referral link for this? Please let me know right away and also i want to do the yearly for him but i am confused, what is the yearly price is it $89 usd $120 or

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    Youzign Preview Mode and Save to PNG are Scrambling My Designs

    Carol Sarullo · 0 · Posted


    In Youzign when I create my own design, the Preview mode scrambles my design all up.  The design had 5 lines of text and a small graphic, and each line of text was created as a separate line.  It's never done that before version 3.

    Also, when I saved the new design as a PNG, that image was also all scrambled up.  Hopefully there is a fix coming soon for this issue.  It's definitely a work suppressor!

    And lastly, I noticed that I couldn't upload vector files to Youzign, the circle thingy would just spin and spin forever.  Instead,

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    Youzign doesn't work as it should

    ProApp Agency · 0 · Posted


    I have these issues again and again. It takes 2 minutes and more for every single site to load. That is inacceptable. I have these issues for many days. I cannot work on projects when it takes such a long time.

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    Not getting the monthly templates

    Al Bernard · 0 · Posted

    I purchased Youzign when the beta was offered why does my account show that I have to now buy the club and the agency add ons ? I also have never received any monthly club templates. Your Purchase Details Transaction Id: AP-55N40324P8200340W Date: Friday 23rd of January 2015 08:45:37 PM Product Name: Youzign Beta Offer Price: $39.99 Purchaser: Seller: Youzign Status: Paid Affiliate: No affiliate

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    some template types are empty in my account

    Al Bernard · 0 · Posted

    This is what I see in these Template Types No templates in here yet, but you can still create your own. Album Art Email Header Mockzign Etsy Smartmockups There are no template in my account in these template types

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    Fresh Stock Photos

    Don · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Hi, I would like to ask about a broken link on the fresh stock photos download but no response to my email that addressed to since 1/22. Can I know how should I proceed with this? Thanks!

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    youzign features that I am looking forward

    Keshav Maheshwari · 0 · Posted


    I have a few feature request. Although I am very excited for youzign 3.0 to be launched and m waiting for it still I would like to mention few of my requests.

    1) I seek few more option with Text like text spacing & height.

    2) I have noticed that youzign 3.0 will allow PSD file editing. It would be great if can consider .CRD files.

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    background removal tool won't save

    Rich · 2 · Last reply by Rich

    Removed background but when I click the 'done=>' button .. the image does not save. Ideas

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    optimize your images

    ashim roy · 1 · Last reply by ashim roy

    Hey Gus, there is a new and best website to resize your image and speedup your site , its working very well, i tried it and got better result.

    just check out this website - image resizer

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    cancel subscription

    Coastlions Majestic · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Be very kind to cancel my subscription cost. I do not know why to contact them. 5 days ago I passed an email and I have no answer, 3 days ago I went back to run and nothing, I do not want to debit me another month, since I have not used the platform for months, unfortunately in the control panel there is no the option to unsubscribe (it seems bad).

  • Rose took care

    Rico k · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Rose took care of

    my issues very fast and

    got back to me with responses 

    within 24 hours.  Love it!

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    Saving and Preview of files

    Hi, I'm having an issue with the preview of a design not showing the same as the final product. Also, I keep getting the spinning wheel and not able to save my design. I do use Chrome, and have checked to make sure all java script options are enabled. I have included the screen shots of what I'm running into if I download the design without saving it.   

     Trouble shooting 2 image is what it looks like in the editing design file 

    Trouble shooting 1 image is what it looks like in preview or when I tried downloading the