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    Creating Exact Image Dimensions and Placement on Design Canvas

    TJH MEDIA LLC · 0 · Posted

    There should be a way to input dimensions of images you want to add to your designs, along with exact placement on your canvas in YouZign...Is that possible?

    I should be able to go in and click on an element and adjust the dimensions by typing in the desired size and lock aspect ratios...

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    Gradient for border

    sandified · 0 · Posted

    Ability to create gradient for border instead of the current solid colors.

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    youzign features that I am looking forward

    Keshav Maheshwari · 0 · Posted


    I have a few feature request. Although I am very excited for youzign 3.0 to be launched and m waiting for it still I would like to mention few of my requests.

    1) I seek few more option with Text like text spacing & height.

    2) I have noticed that youzign 3.0 will allow PSD file editing. It would be great if can consider .CRD files.

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    optimize your images

    ashim roy · 1 · Last reply by ashim roy

    Hey Gus, there is a new and best website to resize your image and speedup your site , its working very well, i tried it and got better result.

    just check out this website - image resizer

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    Under Review

    Youzign Feature Request - Merch Template & Mock-up Preview

    Carol Sarullo · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Hello Bertrand and Team - Will you please add a Merch by Amazon t-shirt template AND t-shirt mock-up preview feature to Youzign, like you did for Teespring? 

    It would be fantastic to be able to see the actual mock-up of the Merch shirt in the preview window. Below are the Merch by Amazon image specifications: Front design area is maximum 15" W  by 18" H   -  which is 4500px x 5400px 300ppi Transparent background PNG format I know I can make a custom canvas size of 4500x5400 in Youzign, but I can't view a mock-up of the shirt in the

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    Under Review

    Logozign support.

    Alan · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    Support desk does not appear to list Logozign as a supported product.

    Why not?

    Is there some reason for it?


    Alan H

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    Bertrand's Coming Soon Features

    David McCormick · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    What about re-starting the coming soon features where Bertrand would show us the features that are being worked on and coming soon, he also would give us some sort of timeline of when to expect

    them also.



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    magic design formula pdf

    Peter · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    in the Magic Design Formula Bertrand offers a pdf version of the video (too long, no replay controls, dont know how long it is!) How can I download this? Thanks. Peter

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    [BLOG] 4 Handy Yet Little-Known Features Of The Background Eraser Tool

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    If you’ve been youzigning for quite a while now, I’m pretty sure you’ve also experienced that magical moment the first time you got your hands on youzign’s magic wand – The Background Eraser tool!

    Being able to achieve an isolated image with a transparent background in just a few strokes of green and red, it gave us the power to beat Neil Armstrong to the moon or send our friends to the most remote regions of the planet! Wahooo! : )

    Thanks to this powerful integration with Clipping Magic, you can easily clip images for your product catalogs, quote graphics, hero banners and other marketing

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    [BLOG] 5 Design Hacks To Create Amazing Facebook Ads

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    As of June 2017, Facebook has already reached its 2-billion monthly users’ mark which also makes it one of the largest marketplaces for internet marketers today. With this social app growing so incredibly quickly, it’s obvious that you should also up your game for your business to strive and ace out the competition.

    Aside from a compelling headline and copy, your Facebook ad design is one of your best allies towards a high-yielding advert, and as supported by studies can also help achieve a laser focus audience targeting (pretty handy for such a gargantuan market as Facebook!)

    An amazing Facebook ad design serves one

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    Free Graphics

    stevezoom · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Hi Guys,

    I just discovered a new graphics site which offers some nice photos, vectors, icons, videos, and fonts. If you have time you might want to check it out ->  

    Have a great day! 


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    Webinar Idea

    stevezoom · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I stumbled on this post about color and marketing. Perhaps it could be the basis for a webinar training topic. Showing how background and text colors affect the appearance of ads and where wise choice might enhance designer value/conversions seem relevant to Youzign and its brand. This isn't new data, but so far I don't recall it's been incorporated in products or training on JVZoo.  Dare to be bold! Link:

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    [BLOG] 7 Rare Sources For Free Isolated Stock Photos Online

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Stock photo sites are all the rage online. If you are doing any kind of visual marketing online or offline, you have probably seen some of these yourself such as IstockPhoto, DepositPhotos and the likes.

    But sometimes you just need more than a stock image of a businessman holding a business card against an office background. You might need the picture of just the businessman, without the background so that you can integrate it into your design.

    Now, of course, you can remove the background manually using your preferred image editor or Youzign, but if you like to save time (and who

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    Selling Products on Training Webinars

    stevezoom · 0 · Posted

    Hi Folks. While I greatly enjoy the Friday training webinars, I think product pitches should be clearly identified ahead of time. Full transparency can build authority and trust. If the webinar time is shifted, it wouldn't hurt to provide a heads up the day before as well. Thanks for your consideration. 

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    [BLOG] The 3 Not-So-Secret Secrets To Make Your Graphics Shareable

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Content marketing has never been challenging as it is today.

    Its landscape continues to rapidly evolve and the demand for engaging content that adds value, teaches, and entertains has never been higher.

    As a savvy marketer, you know that it isn’t just about the quantity of content you can create. After all, readers can consume contents more than you can produce. In a “busy” generation we’re in, where attention is the new economy, you need to create contents that can cut through the “noise”.

    Needless to say, it makes sense to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and patterns

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    Justify Text

    Andrea · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Please, can you insert the justify option for the text? Or please just suggest me a way to paste a justified text...Because without justifying the text it is impossible to make decent back book covers! 

    Thank you!


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    [BLOG] 27 Free Stock Video Sources For Your GIFs and Cinemagraphs

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Fancy creating GIFs and cinemagraphs but, you don’t want to take the risk of using random videos from Youtube?

    You might be interested in checking out our awesome list of 27 free stock video sources which you can use to create your own GIFs and cinemagraphs. Most of these video sources offer high-resolution and royalty-free stock videos licensed under Public Domain Creative Commons Zero which lets you do whatever you want with these contents for free!

    So with no further ado, let’s dive into this cool list!

    1. Coverr

    Coverr offers beautiful high-quality videos which you can download for free. Although this

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    [BLOG] 3 Key Factors To Building Your Brand On Instagram

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Since its public launch in 2010, the once simple photo-sharing app called Instagram has evolved into one of the most decisive social media platforms for businesses today.

    The app that’s mostly seen as a place for selfies, fads and whatnots has now proven itself to be useful as well on the side of branding. Instagram’s highest potential to humanize brands over other social media platforms has drawn business owners both online and offline to adapt this to their marketing strategies. Here are some interesting stats you should know about Instagram:

    • As of December 2016 has over 600 million active users and
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    [BLOG] 7 Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, you should understand the importance of your online reputation. While having an informative business website is a good core aspect of your online image, managing an attractive Facebook page is also an important element that can affect your success. Let’s look at the ways in which you can use Facebook cover photos to make your business page shine.

    Appealing Facebook cover photos can help you build a positive public image

    According to the latest statistics, there are now over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users. The first thing people see when they visit any Facebook page

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    layer list and move

    Luca · 2 · Last reply by John : }


    are you wondering about a feature to show the full list of layers (and select them), to help to bring to front or send back easily?