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  • How to create a custom graphic overlay in Youzign and set it up using iMovie (mac)

    Here are the quick steps on how you can create a custom video overlay in Youzign and set it up using iMovie.

    1. Go to Youzign editor and choose a Youtube Thumbnail format.
    This will set the canvas size to 1280x720px which is fit for HD videos.

    2. Design your overlay text in the editor.
    Tip: You can screen capture the part of your video where you want to apply the overlay. Upload and set it as a background to make sure your text is visible.

    3. When you're happy with your overlay design, you can now remove the image and set the
  • How to export your design in PDF and JPG format

    Downloading your design in JPG and PDF format is a breeze.

    1. In the Youzign editor, click on the download button at the top right corner

    2. Select the format that you wish to use for your design 

    3. Download your design in the format of your choice


  • Black Screen When Loading Youzign Editor

    Hi everyone, this article will help you solve the black screen issue. 

    Are you using Google Chrome as your browser for Youzign? Yes or No.

    A. Yes, I am using Google Chrome for Youzign

    Google Chrome made some updates recently (one update could be 'disabling flash in sites by default' for security reasons ), which could be the reason why Youzign is not loaded automatically now like it was before. Please follow these steps:

    1. Open Chrome Settings Page:

    2. On the Settings Page, search for 'flash' and click 'Content Settings'.

    3. Under Content Settings, click Flash

    5. Under Flash add 


  • How to create Etsy Cover and Shop Icon in Youzign

    Creating an Etsy cover in Youzign has never been easier. Here are the quick steps:

    1. Login to your Youzign dashboard and click on New Design

    2. Choose Etsy from the list of formats available then select Etsy Cover or Etsy Shop Icon

    3. You can start your design from scratch or by using one of our pre-made templates.
    To access the templates, simply go to Graphics tab > Templates > Etsy

    Feel free to customize these templates to match your brand and style!

  • How to create a Kindle Cover in Youzign

    Creating a Kindle cover in Youzign has never been easier. Here are the quick steps:

    1. Login to your Youzign dashboard and click on New Design

    2. Choose Kindle from the list of formats available 

    3. You can start your design from scratch or by using one of our pre-made templates.
    To access the templates, simply go to Graphics tab > Templates > Kindle Cover

    4. To preview your design, click on the eye icon from the tools on the top right section of the editor. 
    You may also download a preview copy of your design there. 


  • How to create a Facebook Reaction Poll with Youzign

    Facebook Reactions took the world by storm by going beyond the simple “Like” button and providing users a host of reactions which match human emotions.

    Download the Facebook Emojis as PNGs here.

    In fact, Facebookers may mark any posts on the social media platoform with the following reactions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.

    Since this interface became an overnight hit, it wasn’t long until marketers found ways to use it to their advantages… And one of the most popular way to do so is setting up reaction polls.

    There are two type of

  • How to use the Font/ Branding Text Tool

    The Font/ Branding Text tool lets you save texts ( with your own font settings: size, color, rotation, effects, etc.) to the text library so you can use them anytime in your designs.

    The saved font/text appears below the Default Text options on the sidebar. From there, users can also delete the saved font/text brands.

    You can also watch this webinar replay (at 45:53 of the video) for a quick live demo.

  • How to use the toggle for Smart Guides

    Smart Guides are the subtle blue lines you will notice when you move elements on the canvas. Basically, they are intended for alignment aid, however, they can also create lag on the software. By turning these guides off, you can avoid lags and be able to glide smoother across the canvas.

    By default, the Smart Guide toggle is ON. But you can simply turn it OFF by clicking the same toggle icon.

  • How to use the No Fill effect

    The No Fill effect applies to Texts, Curved Texts and Vector Graphics.

    To use this effect:

    1. Login to the Youzign Editor
    2. Load your text or vector image on the canvas
    3. Click on the text/ image that you wish to edit. This will activate the control panel at the right side of the editor.
    4. From the control panel, choose Effects (the sparkly wand icon just next to Tt icon)
    5. Make sure to Tick the Border box, without it turned on, the No Fill feature will not also work.

    6. Now, tick the No Fill effect to

  • How to use the Curved Text Tool

    Hi Youzigners!

    Here are the quick steps on how to use the Curved Text tool :)

    1. Login to the Youzign editor and click on Text tab from your Assets Library. 

    2. Under the Text tab, select Curved from the two options

    3. Click on "THIS TEXT IS CURVED" to load it on the canvas.

    4. To resize the text box, simply grab a corner and adjust it to your desired size, or if you wish to move it, simply click on the text and drag it.

    5. To edit the curved text, click on it and select Tt from the

  • How to use the background feature

    Inside Youzign there are a variety of background options you can use to make your backgrounds stand out.

    1. Plain backgrounds

    You can use this option to use a plain color or to make the background transparent.

    2. Gradients

    Gradients colors may be customized to match your brand, or use one of the beautiful presets.

    3. Patterns

    Patterns are fun and colors can be customized too!

    4. Photos and Textures

    Need something more fancy? Try our screen-licking textures and photos

    Note: you can also set any image you upload as a background

  • How to use the tagline groups to create taglines fast

    If you need to create quick taglines, headlines or blocks of text you may use the tagline groups in Youzign.

    The process is the same as using logo groups. Only different is that you should select the taglines instead : )

    The taglines are currently located in the Youzign editor sidebar under Graphics>Vectors>Blocks

    Make sure to save your tagline as a group after creating them so that you can reuse them in your designs!

    Click here to view the logo groups tutorial.


  • How to use the logo groups to create logos fast

    You can now find ready-made logo layouts to use in Youzign.

    1. Find the logos groups

    Inside the Youzign editor, simply click on Graphics>Vector>Logos in the sidebar.

    This will reveal a set of logo graphics like these. Simply click on the one you prefer to add it to the canvas. The lighter ones work best on darker backgrounds.

    2. Customize the logo

    First start by ungrouping the logo by clicking the ungroup button.

    Then customize the text and the icon to match your brand. Make sure to use a matching color in the icon!

    3. Save as a group

    Finally save your logo

  • How to share a folder with another Youzigner

    You can easily share an entire folder of designs with other Youzign users, whether they are part of your team or not.

    This is particularly useful if you sell design packs and you want to deliver access on your delivery page to multiple customers. 

    1. Select Push to user in the folder dropdown

    2. Copy the link and share it

    3. The folder will be added to the recipient Youzign account

  • How to Change the Color of One Letter in a Word

    To change the color of a letter in a word, simply double click and highlight the letter you wish to change and pick the color you want from the color picker and that's it! :)

  • Where to Find Bonus / Purchased Templates

    Hi everyone!

    To check your Bonus/Purchased templates on your Youzign account:

    1. Go to Templates Page via this dropdown on the top right:


    2. On the Templates Page, check on the sidebar and you'll see a 'Purchased' folder under 'My Templates' folder. Click the Purchased folder to view all the templates you purchased or are part of the bonuses.

    Thank you.

  • How to use the Click and Drag Selection Feature

    Hi Youzigners!

    Good news! We have added another tiny, but helpful feature that allows you to simply click and drag to create a selection area and select multiple objects on your canvas. :)

    To use this feature:

    1. Simply click somewhere on or off the canvas
    2. Hold and drag the cursor to select all elements you wish to include in your selection
    3. You may click the Group button if you wish to save that area as a group

    Note: Please make sure that you don't initially hit any object/images while doing the click and drag, especially when working with a design

  • How to use the Hover Dock feature

    Moving forward, we have added a tiny feature to help you access the tools on the Youzign dock a lot easier. Now, you can simply hover your mouse over Text tools, Layering and Centering Options, and Effects to see what's inside those groups.

  • How to use the Unsplash Integration

    Hi Youzigners! 

    Finally, the much - awaited Unsplash integration is now Live! :) "These are free (do whatever you want) high resolution photos.

    How to use:

    1. Login to your Youzign account.
    2. Inside the editor, select Graphics tab, then Integrations
    3. Select Unsplash from the list of available integrations
    4. Enter what image you are looking for in the search box.
    5. Load the image on your canvas by clicking it.