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  • Youzign 2: FAQs For Existing Customers

    Hi Youzigners,

    We understand that you might have some questions regarding Youzign 2 which came out on February 8th. And to help you with that, let me break down some of the frequently asked questions about this relaunch.

    If you don't find exactly what you are looking for from these FAQ, feel free to comment on below and I'll get back to you as fast as I can (usually within 24 hrs or less).

    What exactly is Youzign 2?

    Youzign 2 is our first year anniversary and the start of our second year as a graphic software. Since Since our first launch happend exactly the same month

  • How to access your Youzign purchase (JVZoo)

    We use a payment processor called JV Zoo to deliver securely your access to Youzign.

    If you have never used JV Zoo before you might have issue retrieving your purchase. Here are the steps to do so. 

    1. Make your payment

    Make your payment on

    2. Select upgrades (or skip to registration)

    After making a payment you will be taken to the Product Options pages. You may add the options to your account by purchasing them right away or simply skip to proceed to registration

    After the final product options you will see a Register now option in the

  • How to upgrade your Youzign account (JVzoo)

    If you are a Youzign customer and you wish to upgrade your account (it's totally optional depending on your needs), here are the steps.

    Attention: Make sure you are logged with your username on before upgrading. This will ensure the automatic upgrade is applied.

    1. Select your upgrade inside your Youzign account

    Depending on your purchase history, you may have more or less options in the upgrade drop-down.

    2. Review the upgrade offer in details

    You will be taken to the upgrade page where you will see more details and a video about the upgrade.

    3. Review your order on the

  • Discount for education and charity

    Do you work for an educational institution or a charity?

    Great news! We LOVE what you do, and we'd love to help you help others!

    Youzign is free for charities and educators get a 50% discount! 

    If that's you please contact us with some reasonable proof that you are part of one of these institutions.

  • How To Become A Youzign Affiliate

    To become an affiliate please visit the partners page.

  • How To Update Your Subscription (Stripe)

    If you signed up for the monthly plan, Youzign comes with a free 30 day trial, so you may cancel your subscription anytime before the trial ends or while an active user. 

    To cancel your subscription simply follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to Youzign

    2. Click on Profile on the left sidebar

    3. Click on Subscription then select Cancel subscription


    Done! Your Youzign subscription has now been cancelled. If you are in the free trial your account will remain fully active until the end of the trial period.

    You may reactivate your subscription at any point by going to

  • How To Request A Refund

    Youzign comes with a money-back guarantee 30 days trial.

    If during your trial you are not satisfied with Youzign you may request a refund at any time.

    To request a refund simply email us at and someone from the support team will process your request right away.

    Note: once your refund is processed your Youzign account and saved designs will be deleted automatically. It is advised that you backup your designs to your desktop before contacting us.

  • European Customers and VAT on Youzign

    According to the new EU regulations in place since January 1st 2015, we are required to collect VAT to all our European transactions:

    We are an Irish based company so we are complying with this rule. All collected VAT will then be sent to the Irish revenue service who will send it back to your EU country of residence as tax income.

    Note: This does not concern our customers outside of the EU

  • Kickstart Credits Table

    Note: if you purchase your credits prior to August 28th you will still benefit from the old pricing (50% cheaper)