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    System Fonts Problems

    Antioe · 2 · Last reply by John : }


    I'm trying to use youzign with a system font, where I pain stakingly go letter by letter to close the spacing between them. However when I download the file from youzign, it's spaced as if I just typed it reguarly.

    How do I correct this?


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    the button to download photos disappear

    Alexander · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    the button to download photos disappeared


    It is happening with the changes they are doing.

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    I can't get access to the product

    George Kerr · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    I cannot get access to the product

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    How do you add 2 uploaded images to on design I'm working on?

    Jay · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    When I upload an image, it places it on the design I'm working on just fine. But when I want to add another image I've uploaded, it doesn't allow me to drag it on to the design.

    How can I add multiple images (jpgs) on to one project?

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    How important is the DropMock 'Editor' for doing collaborative template mock-up work? (I'm deciding whether to purchase the OTO. Is it worth it?)

    Jonathan Heller · 0 · Posted

    Hello Magnus, Kae and Team,

    Looking to do more work here with Youzign and purchased DropMock. Always lots of add ons and wondering what was your take on their editor. They claim it's a cheap replacement for Photoshop, I don't have that, so I'm wondering if you agree and feel it has value for template work beyond Youzign too?

    Thankyou all,

    Jonathan H.

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    Webinar links are messed up.

    Richard Wright · 0 · Posted

    Webinar links are messed up. Sign up link says webinar today. Confirmation page says webinar 4-28. Email confirmation links to expired page for a webinar on 4-15. It keeps directing us to a webinar link that has expired. the links needs to send us to an active webinar on the right day. This week the webinar was supposed to be on 4-29. the link sent us to an expired link for 4-15. Have experienced same issue for several weeks. Very hard to listen to a webinar if the links don't work. Can someone manage this better?

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    How to add users in bulk to Offline Graphics Editor?

    I want to add users in bulk. Can you give me a general idea how this is done? I'm fairly technical.

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    Logo does not line up correct when downloaded

    Sandy Morris · 3 · Last reply by John : }

    I have asked this before but with no response. 

    I created a logo and wanted to add 2 things.

    1 - .com

    2 - TM

    So I took my logo image and uploaded the image to Youzign, simply added .com and then added the TM for a trademark.  I saved it in the Youzign system. (Please see image attached)

    Next I downloaded the result and when I opened the image the .com image was not placed right.  Please look at my attachment to see what I am talking about.

    How can I fix this?  It should be simple but I

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    Travelab · 2 · Last reply by John : }


    I have entered the GRAPHICS >>VECTORS>>SHAPES is this everything?

    I need all types of circles, triangles and rectangular etc as frames to add text inside these frames. Is this all or am I looking in the wrong place?



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    Dropmock Designs

    Andersen Sven · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Dropmock, ... I bought it through your link. Is there any chance to get more designs without buying the monthly membership? I do not like monthly memberships....


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    no puedo iniciar sesion con mi username

    paula · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Hola. No he podido ingresar a youzing. No identifica mi username. 


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    Editor werd behaviour

    Paul · 1 · Last reply by Abhigrk :)

    when I click on a text  or background sometimes the mouse refuses too see it ( like its not their) - and I lose the editing suite top right hand corner 


    I click and click on an area nothing happens?


    In this video you can see me clicking on background - nothing happens


    This happens with text as well both in chrome and firefox 


    whats the best browser for youzign ?

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    There is no way to sign into my account. The password sent to me does not work.

    Ryan · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    There is no way to sign into any of my accounts.  the password sent to me does not work.



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    Template does not come up correctly for editing

    Oshun · 3 · Last reply by John : }

    I have chosen template Flyer A510 and each time it comes up as a blank page in editor mode. I used it before and it did not do this. What should I do?

    Only one of my uploaded photos are still stored. I had a lot of them. Do I have to reload them all?

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    How to create printable banner?

    zarul · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    How to create printable banner for marketing?

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    Youzign...Version 2.Blow

    Leigh · 4 · Last reply by John : }

    Why does Youzign not work anymore? Version 1 was great, user friendly and easy to navigate. Now, nothing works, can't upload images, can't save, can't remove background, the list goes on. What has happened? I don't want to go elsewhere but I am on the verge of going if not fixed asap...

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    Error 2032

    Larry Cole · 4 · Last reply by John : }

    I am making a change to a template that I created.  I have cleared the cashe, shut down Youzign repeatedly and rebooted.  Still get error 2032.


    Larry Cole


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    Adding text and tm to image

    Sandy Morris · 2 · Last reply by Sandy Morris

    I tried to add .com to my logo and also the TM symbol.  When I look at the images on the screen they are fine but when I preview them or download them the .com is off in placement. 

    What am I doing wrong? I have attached a png file that was downloaded.

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    How to change edit a color from an image or logo that was imported to another image that was imported to be edited?

    Manny Charles · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I have a 2 different pictures that was imported into my design from another source however I need to find a way to edit these colors and to have them match.  How do I copy a color from a logo to edit another picture that was imported into my design and was not created originally inside Youzingn?

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    Image Suite Upgrade

    Alan Teo · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I have seen the news on the upgrading of Image Suite to 3.0. I have purchased the earlier version. So do I get to be upgraded automatically?