Knowledge Base: GIF Editor

  • Overview of the editor dashboard

    Once you have activated Gifzign you will be presented with the Gifzign Editor Dashboard.

    From here you can:

    - view a list of all your GIFs: note, your GIFS are also saved in your Documents>MyGIFs folder on your computer. - create a new GIF: see the conversion options here - preview a GIF: opens a looping preview of your GIF in a popup - delete a GIF: deletes your GIF permanently - download your GIF: save your GIF to your desktpp - add a mockup frame to your GIF

  • How to use Gifzign Mockups

    The Gifzign Mockups feature allow you to add beautiful device frames and photorealistic mockups to your GIFs. 

    1. Click on the Mockup icon below your GIF

    2. Select your favourite mockup template

    3. Preview it

    4. Download it


  • How to add text and images

    Simply follow the GIF below to discover how to add text and images in Gifzign. It's pretty easy : ) 

    Some notes:

    - you may add an unlimited number of images and move images around

    - currently the text is not movable (this may change)

    - we do not currently support non-latin characters (e.g. chinese, hebrew, etc) but we will soon

    - to delete an image press the delete key on PC or fn + delete on Mac. 

  • How to use filters

    To use filters in Gifzign simply click on the Filters tab and select the filters you like.

  • How to use the different GIF quality (vintage, HD, grainy)

    You can choose from three gif qualities in Gifzign namely: - Vintage - High Definition - Grainy You can choose your gif setting under Others menu found in the Basic tab. Check out these samples to differentiate each effect: Vintage Grainy HD

  • How to create cinemagraphs in Gifzign

    Version 1.0.15

    Tip: Setting the loop to Pingpong gives a smooth transition for repetitive/looping animations.

    1. Click on the Cinemagraph tab.

    2. Drag the yellow S tab to set the start of the GIF or the orange E tab to set the end.

    3. Drag the blue Square tab to set your Still Image. The still image is the stationary/inanimate frame which will be used in the cinemagraph.

    4. Click the Eye Icon in the Still image section to show the still image over the video/animation.

    5. Show the Mask by clicking the Eye Icon in Masking section. The Mask will apply a reddish color over the still

  • How to apply a mirror effect to your GIFs

    The mirror feature is a great way to spice up your GIF and create show-stopping effects. Make sure to experiment with it whenever you can.

    To apply it simply toggle the mirror button while in the editor (bottom left).