Knowledge Base: Billing & Registration

  • FAQ for Gifzign Beta Testers

    Note: Beta Testers are those who bought Gifzign in between November 2016 and February 2017

    Q1: I have purchased Gifzign Beta, what should I get? First off we wanted to thank you for your support!  As a beta customer, you have purchased access to all Gifzign core features for life for a one-time price. This gives you access to: - Lifetime access to Gifzign Creator, Editor, Player, 10 Mockups, Cinemagraph (current value: &27 - Mockups: 200 extra mockups (current value: $47-$67 - Club: 30 new mockups every month (value $120/year Total value = at least $194 the first year.

  • How to access your Gifzign purchase (JVZoo)

    We use a payment processor called JV Zoo to deliver securely your access to Gifzign.

    If you have never used JV Zoo before you might have issue retrieving your purchase. Here are the steps to do so.  1. Make your payment Make your payment on 2. Select upgrades (or skip to registration) After making a payment you will be taken to the Product Options pages. You may add the options to your account by purchasing them right away or simply skip to proceed to registration. After the final product options you will see a Register now option in the