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    I can't open or

    Nova Liou · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As subject.  Please help. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Nova Liou

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    Rendering stalls

    Rick · 5 · Last reply by Rick

    Since purchasing Gifzign 5 days ago I have attempted to create multiple Gifs, as short as 5 seconds and I get to the part where the Gif is being rendered yet when it gets to about 2 thirds through the process it stalls and won't finish the task, no matter how long I wait. Any ideas what might be wrong? The attached image was after 6 mins of rendering but I have left it several hours on previous attempts.

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    Leo Alborzi · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    Hello Awesome ones.. Is there a way to move image to the back/front?I wish youzign tools were able to be used for gifzign aswell

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    account cancellation

    Yehouda Jude Saar · 2 · Last reply by TErro


    after evaluating the software I realized that it doesn't meet my needs

    I all ready sent email asking to cancel my account and refund my purchase with no response

    please help me cancelling my account and geting refund for my purchase

    thank you,



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    can you import just a still image to create a gif? and if so, how do you do that?

    Valerie Tobin · 8 · Last reply by John : }

    I only see an option to upload a video.. I thought you could upload a still image and create a gif?  How do you do  this.. are there training  step by step videos somewhere?



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    When and where will the webinar really be held?

    Don Boyll · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Yesterday's email said the webinar was moved to today. Today the link to the webinar says to come back in 24 days. Does it not happen until late next month or did it already happen at a different time than I was told (if so is there a recording)?


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    Unable to Integrate my Youzign account with Gifzign

    Jodranent · 3 · Last reply by John : }

    I can't enter my Youzign public key and token to integrate with Gifzign. When I click the "Edit Settings" button, nothing happens.  Is there a problem from your end?

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    Login Info

    Rick Taylor · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    I have'nt received login info or my API code for transaction # [hidden]... Rick Taylor Email [hidden]. I'm also Yousign member.

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    My login details don't work and the lost password page is coming up as page not found.

    Michael Rodd · 6 · Last reply by John : }

    My login details don't work and the lost password page, is coming up as page not found.

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    Mockups and beta founders?

    Docp · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Are the beta founders going to get any access to mockups?

    My dashboard shows a check mark next to mockups, but then i saw a post saying I needed to buy the OTO for mockups (to get 200?)??


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    Jearico · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    Hello Support,

    Quick couple of questions about Gifzign.

    Cost of initial product ?

    OTO's available ?

    Cost of OTO's ?

    Cheers Eric

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    Purchased tribe

    Al Bernard · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I purchased Gifzign tribe where do I go to get it.

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    Sylvain · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    Hi Please send me login

    [some contents hidden]

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    Alex · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    I just bought the service, how do I get access to it?  I have the payment confirmation.

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    How to connect yousign and gifsign

    Jörn · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Hey, sorry but I don`t know how to connect gifzign and yousign. In my gifzign version is no button yousign as shown in your video

    Greetings jörn

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    Refund Request

    Dougie · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Greetings support,

    I would like to request a refund for the following purchase.

    Jvzoo Tranaction ID#   [hidden for security reasons]

    The software is not for me.

    Thanks for your help.



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    Refund GiftZign Grow

    Anthony · 2 · Last reply by Anthony


    I mistake when i buy the GiftZign Grow i think it's for resell the software GiftZign.

    Can you refund my order please.

    Information : 

    [hidden for security reasons]

    Thanks you


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    Request Refund

    Rich Geasey · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Request Refund on Gifzign please. It does not do what I hoped it would do.


    PayPal ID- [email hidden for security reasons]


    Purchased on March 21st.


    Thank you.

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    no sound?

    Colin · 2 · Last reply by Rose :3

    Hi, i have used one of my videos but when i play it back there is no sound, this is also a problem whn i am working on my videos as i want to be able to only use a percentage of the video but of course i need to know when to stop it between words?

    Can you advise please

    Thank you


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    I want to use 2 different excerpts from the same video - 1 minute apart - to make a GIF. Please advicse how to use GIFZIGN to do that.

    russ · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I want to use 2 or 3 different excerpts from the same video - 1 minute apart - to make a GIF.  Please advise how to use GIFZIGN to do that.


    Also, how can I combine multiple still images using youzign?  How please, if so.